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CCIM Luncheon September 2019

W attend CCIM Southern Nevada's September luncheon today at the Gold Coast Casino. The topic was "Las Vegas Real Estate Legends." Recently, Caesars Entertainment sold Rio for $560 million.

I asked Jeff last week, "Do you like the old Vegas more or the modern Vegas more?" He said, "The old." Tony Marnell used to work for Steve Wynn as the GC of Bellagio. He later built his own casino - Rio and put his cigar collection inside the hotel. 1990s Vegas must be a fun time.

This reminds me a quote from our former Mayor Jones, "Las Vegas was built by people who dream big dreams. Entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to take a risk. This is a city that every idea becomes a stepping stone to a grander idea. It’s a city that entrepreneurs are not afraid to gamble on building a bigger brighter future."

Most commercial real estate companies in Vegas have a large, printed recent aerial map of the Vegas valley. But my favorite map is the one in Jeff's office - a 1990s map and a picture that shows the Strip was 2/3 vacant. The Bellagio was a piece of dirt. And the Strip wasn't institutionalized yet. A time when Vegas developers/entrepreneurs were building their dreams.